Ceragem Calgary

Ceragem Warranty and Repairs


All Ceragem massage products come with a 1 year warranty.

For Warranty work please call 403-455-9727.

We are an authorized Ceragem repair shop. We carry all parts required for warranty and non warranty work.

We also sell accessories and replacement parts.

For all other repair or accessory purchase call 403-455-9727. Or email us at cergagemcalgary@gmail.com.

Massaging Insoles come with a 2 year Replacement Warranty.  This 2 year warranty covers your insoles for most issues. To keep your warranty valid you must wash your insoles weekly.  Insoles that have been cut will not be covered by this warranty. In order to redeem your replacement warranty you must keep the warranty card. Wash your insoles then call us and we will give you warranty instructions.

For Warranty replacement please call 403-455-9727.

Or email us at ceragemcalgary@gmail.com.