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ARTHRITIS – I had not been able to make a fist for 7 years.  After 3 times of using the 9 ball far-infrared projector, my hand was able to close.  After 5 days of coming to Ceragem, I had full range of motion in my shoulder and I didn’t need pain killers daily.  My gout doesn’t bother me.  Gris

– I am suffering from the degeneration of cartilages of my upper spinal cord, not only one, but a few.  After using this bed approximately 2 ½ months, the frequency of the pain and the numbness decreased.  I feel myself completely recovered, I also lost an inch off my waist, without changing my diet.  Terry L.

– I worked for 15 years at a computer with neck, shoulders and lower back pain.  After 3 sessions, I noticed a difference in my pain level.  After daily attendance, I stopped taking pain killers, anti-inflammatory pills and I had more energy.  I think Ceragem is a gift from God and I use it everyday at home.  Linda P.

 CHRONIC FATIQUE – I was so exhausted, I could hardly drive home from work.  After 10 times, I had more energy, I can even go out at night compared to coming home and flopping into bed.  I have not had to take time off from work since coming to Ceragem. I can’t believe the difference it has made in my quality of life. I bought one. M. LaFreniere

 FIBROMYALGIA - I experienced a great deal of fatigue and I also experienced chronic pain.  Since coming to Ceragem I have much more energy, my pain has decreased, and I feel I walk better and taller.  Ceragem relaxes me while giving me confidence that I will continue to get better…I feel wonderful!   I definitely feel everyone should know about this wonderful invention and have one at home, like me.  D. Maynard

 HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – After coming to Ceragem, my blood pressure rose for two weeks and then went to normal!  My doctor had to take my blood pressure twice as he couldn’t believe it.  I had been on medication for 35 years, with little results, and now my blood pressure is normal – thanks to Ceragem!  My accountant told me about it.  J. Sibthorpe

HAIR LOSS - Before I came to this centre my hair was falling out by the handfuls.  My doctor said as you age it was normal, but I was still concerned.  Then after 1 ½ weeks of coming to Ceragem, I noticed I wasn’t losing my hair as much and that the amount of hair loss had returned to normal.  I love Ceragem.  Y. Trigg.

 INCONTINANCE – After using Ceragem 3 times, my bladder function has improved – I only get up one time at night, instead of 3 times.  My breathing has really improved and I definitely feel more relaxed.  Ceragem has given me hope to a healthier life. J. McClelland

 MIGRAINES – Since 4 years old, I have been plagued with migraine headaches, since coming to Ceragem I have not had a migraine! G. Fleming

 SPINE STRAIGHENED / BLOOD PRESSURE DROPPED – People at church are asking me.. “What are you doing that you are looking so good?”  I tell them Ceragem.  My spine has straightened, my blood pressure has dropped.  I am now only taking 1 pill instead of 5 pills.  J. Hart

– My right leg had pain due to sciatica.  After one week.  I also had pain decrease in my left shoulder and upper arm.  After two weeks, pain in my right leg subsided.  J. Wong

*These statements come directly from our clients experiences and  are their own words. These Customers were NOT paid for their Testimonials they volunteered their successes so that numerous others could benefit from their experience.


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