Frequently Asked Questions!

Ceragem Calgary

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Q: Where can I get my own Ceragem Bed?
A: Email or call 403-455-9727 to order.

 Q: How do I decide which size to order for my Massaging Insoles?
A: Order your shoe size. If in doubt order the size above as you are able to cut them down if necessary.

 Q: What shoes can I wear my Massaging Insoles in?
A: You can wear your massaging insoles in every pair of shoes you own, including sandals. Massaging insoles have a pre designed cut out so you can even put them in your flip flops.

TIP: If wearing in sandals or flip flops use carpet tape to prevent sliding.

 Q: What are the benefits of Far Infrared?
A: Click here for the benefits of far infrared.

 Q: When will I see results?
A: Each person’s experience is different but most people start to feel different after one to two weeks. We recommend committing to daily sessions for 2 weeks to see dramatic results faster.

 Q: Will I be sore afterwards?
A: Each person’s experience is different but most people  experience minimal to no soreness after a Ceragem session. The best way to determine it for yourself would be to compare it to a massage session.

 Q: How long does one session take?
A: Each Ceragem session is approx 40 minutes.

 Q: Am I too old for Ceragem?
A: You are never too old to try and improve your health. Ceragem is for all ages.