CERAGEM’s newest model, full digital control, maximum accuracy and maximum stability.  Smart Innovative features enhance your life!

The Ceragem Master V3 is an unprecedented and amazing tailored thermal massage.  Spinal scanning, and advanced moving projector system,  as well as sound therapy and adjustable intensity controls.

CERAGEM’s V3 has been ergonomically designed for increased accuracy as well as increased heated therapeutic affect. 

The V3 Offers 12 individual Massage Programs as listed below:Type your paragraph here.

Ceragem Master V3

Features of the Ceragem V3


Ceragem Calgary

Intelligent Spinal Scanning

The V3 senses your spines length and curve to provide a massage tailored just for you.

 Intensity Control
· Advanced Massage Programs
· Sound Therapy
Choose from 6 levels of massage intensity using the full featured remote control.

Advanced Massage Programs
Choose from 11 fully automatic programs and one semi automatic program for your individual massage.

Sound Therapy

Ceragem selected sounds to relax and soothe your mind and body. Add your favorite sounds and listen via headphones using your SD card. Music has the ability to lower stress levels, blood pressure and promotes good sleep..