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Linda and Alex Prowse have been running Ceragem Calgary South Since Dec 20/07.  
They came out of retirement so that they could bring the Ceragem to Calgary. Linda was first introduced to Ceragem 6 years ago, as a customer. But before long she was working with Ceragem spreading the word. She became such a believer that she came out of retirement ,with her husband Alex, to open a Ceragem location of their own.
When Linda first began going to Ceragem she was a little sceptical,  but as she continued going and was consistently getting incredible results the sceptic disappeared and a true believer appeared. She had reduced her headaches, her Carpal Tunnel had all but disappeared, her low back and neck pain had been seriously reduced all in the first few sessions. At that point she knew she had to buy a bed to continue on her health journey.  .

Linda feels with Ceragem in her life that she will live to at least 120 years old and is planning her half-way party.  When asked why she opened a Ceragem she answered “How could I not with all of the amazing stories I have heard and seen from other Ceragem customers  and the progress that I have had myself.  How could I not try to get Ceragem and it’s amazing benefits out to as many people as possible? It would be irresponsible to not let people experience Ceragem’s benefits.”  

Linda and Alex welcome you to try Ceragem to experience for yourself the benefits of a Ceragem thermal massage bed.  You can purchase your own by contacting them with the below information. See for yourself what Ceragem can do for your quality of life.

Email: Ceragemcalgary@gmail.com

Business Hours: M - F  10:00 am - 6:00pm

Ceragem Calgary

Linda and Alex Prowse

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